28 January 2014 – Tuesday


  • Two former students in last night’s update.  Danced with them.


  • Library had four out of eight clients fail.  Unable to reach the networker service on those systems.  Not sure if the problem is at the system level or in a firewall. Touched base to have them check and restart the networker service.  Oh!  Those four were also RHEL5 32-bit systems that were upgraded (by cfengine) to last night.  OOPs!
  • clients installed twelve (including the four from the bullet above) clients failed to upgrade nicely.  Needed to install the compat-libstdc++-33 rpm.  I assume that the fact that compat-libstdc++-296 was already installed confused the pre-req’s in the lgtoclnt rpm.  Created SR 60727620 (wow, 5318 issues created before I got back to this today) to let EMC know about this one.
  • bunch of tapes got screwed over and Networker thinks they are unlabeled this morning.  Hurrah for upgrades.  This one sure sucks.  I dumped the drive (via itdt) and sent that off to Qualstar for evaluation, and am running the 128 nsrjb -I commands.  Opened SR 60722302 with EMC about this as well.  EMC says this is NW153818 which was fixed in 8.0.1 and 8.0.2.  Ok, so why isn’t it fixed in  Oh, right, their development process is a stinking pile of stupidity.
  • Remounted the ZFS pool (athens) using the 1MB (1048576) r/wsize parameters because it really really really should not hang up like that.  Once again trying to get the last 12TB (compressed) data off that ZFS pool so I can rebuild it (and get the old Nexsan hardware out of service).


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