24 January 2014 – Friday


  • One graduate student become employee issue in last night’s update.  Found the student.  Thankfully, they have started putting the foreign national’s real home address in (perhaps they have started getting it) which makes the matching much easier.  Matched.  Merged.


  • Woot!  In monitoring the hourly activity checks since the upgrade to yesterday, I’ve seen both of the achievements I wanted with this upgrade.  I have seen multiple staging/cloning operations happening simultaneously on the same AFTD.  I have seen a storage node that was utilizing all of its tape drives stream the stage/clone operation across the network to stornode9 with the spare tape drives.  Yippee!!!
  • EMC released Technical Advisory ETA 167319.  I reported to them several years ago that their logic was screwy and that marking a tape as “unlabeled” because a dirty tape drive was not able to read the perfectly fine label (always confirmed by reading the label in a different tape drive) was wrong.  Now, they’ve released a Technical Advisory that says if you use AMM (Automated Media Management) that this screwy logic will allow AMM to re-label the tape (and destroy the data that was still on the tape).  Of course, their solution is that you should stop using AMM.  Well, from my point of view, that is not right.  I mean, weren’t we all taught that two wrongs do not make a right?  (Yeah, yeah, I know – “but three lefts do”…) .  Enjoy Friday!
  • Updated the version of Networker people pull from my repo to be
  • Updated the local yum repositories to push the client and man pages.
  • Opened SR 60640626 when “Windows Incr 2” appears to hang following a restart (nothing queued, nothing active, but only 93% done).


  • Restart a printer that had disabled itself when something happened in the network.


  • [dr]eactivate_account updated to modify Active Directory entries as well as everything else they do.

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