23 January 2014 – Thursday


  • Two former students in last night’s update.  Dancing fool mode.
  • EAS sends routine request for VPN updates.  Found one that I remember adding earlier this week, that is outside the normal scope.  Didn’t remove that one.  We’ll see where that discussion leads — are miscellaneous type accounts going the way of the dinosaur?


  • Backup Maintenance Day, Attempt #2
    • Everything goes slower on Thursday!  The weekly clones of full saves caused delays of the keep the AFTDs free space staging which caused delays in the EAS sponsored 1TB of clones per day.
    • Finally got started just after noon.
    • Big surprise.  EMC forgot to mention that NMC server requires 64-bit systems now!  Harriet gets an emergency x86_64 installation!
    • Completed at 1540.


  • Talked with Justin about the Blackboard access request I have been dealing with from a former student.  Sounds like she’s done this before and has dropped it when she gets the “you need to talk with the professor” answer.
  • SAA team meeting.


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