22 January 2014 – Wednesday

Post 801!


  • Call back on the data access issue I’ve been working on for Account Services, a voice mail was  left at 9:40pm.  Touched base with Travis and found the last FP issue (#909) where she was told to talk with the professor about getting access to the material.
  • One issue in last night’s update.  An invalid SSN in a new employee.   A five-month grad student.  Found the match:  name, birthday, address, working department matches major;  did the merge.


  • Tape clones finished.  YAY, that’s one I won’t have to try to get done after I do the upgrade tomorrow.
  • COM/IS full backup from the weekend that had so many problems finished at 10:57pm last night, so it got to run again (it starts at 11pm!) last night.



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