21 January 2014 – Tuesday


  • Only one update issue from the long weekend: a former student on January 17 – did the dance.
  • Spent time researching and answering infernally annoying questions.


  • Backup Maintenance Day:
    • Cancelled for today.  COM/IS backup of large disk got restarted at 6:02am yesterday morning and won’t complete until some time tomorrow.
    • Rescheduled for Thursday – 23 January 2014.
  • Updated the servers to use EMC’s recommended settings instead of tuned.  Discovered that although tuned was installed and configured on stornode2, stornode3, and stornode4 that it was not set to start at boot time, and it was the Red Hat version instead of the local version.   Sigh…
  • Updated clone configuration files, found one COMIS group that was not being cloned that should be.  Removed a lot of dead groups from the configuration files.
  • Searching for the elusive EMC recommendations for NFS mounted AFTDs.


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