17 January 2014 – Friday


  • Oh LDAP!  You bum.  Failed to delete something that wasn’t there.  How dare you?!  Oh well… at least I had been expecting it when HR said they were deactivating the probable duplicate that I found yesterday, since I hadn’t entered it and I was too lazy to go remove it from the PeopleSoft feed file.
  • And, a work-study employee (STU) that doesn’t have an SSN.  How nice.  Name, Birthday, foreign address, and Major/Department all align – looks like the stars are favorable today!  MERGE.
  • Updated a GuestNet entitlement for Account Services.


  • NFS3’s save sets rebalanced.  The list of save sets turns out to be the same as last month, but the relative sizes (and thus the execution order) has changed.
  • HIPAA group failed to backup.  Alerted the admins.
  • Disk clones aborted so the stornode4 aftd can have a ghost of a chance to recover before this weekend’s full saves.


  • Checking out to 16 weeks, I find the calendar that I was checking on last night is even more damaged that I had feared.
  • The primary suspect has been neutralized.  All known corruption has been fixed.
  • Meeting about options and testing ensues.



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