16 January 2014 – Thursday


  • Three issues in the update.  A former student, a duplicate PeopleSoft entry, and an invalid SSN.
    • duplicate PeopleSoft entry appears to really be a duplication within PeopleSoft.  Requested confirmation from payroll.
      • It is possible that back in the past, the WRONG employee and student were matched together.  This could be really bad.
    • invalid SSN is an international student.  Found the student’s LDAP entry and merged the PeopleSoft information into it.
    • former student.  did the dance.


  • Disk clones started.
  • COM/IS clones completed.
  • New client defined to backup the static content web server.
  • Dealt with tapes that should have expired and been recycled two months ago.  Forced recycling of those that had no good reason to still be around (that is the ones that just have copies of the Windows Recovery partition which periodically gets found as B:\ were recycled).


  • Spent four hours getting the test system working again to figure out what had happened with one of the administration member’s calendar.



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