14 January 2014 – Tuesday


  • No issues in last night’s update.  What!?!?!?


  • Stornode4’s AFTD continues to be too full and not clearing space fast enough to deal with the nfs2 full save.  In an attempt to relieve the pressure, I updated the nfs2 client definition to specify a different storage node.  By late morning, the new save sets that were starting up were writing to stornode3 instead of stornode4.  After this is over, I’ll need to get those off that AFTD.
  • Announced the maintenance window (9am-6pm) for January 21 – The centerpiece of this window will be the installation of Networker  In preparation, deployed the Networker rpm packages to ozzie and the storage nodes.
  • Upgraded the Networker client on bujbod1 to the to give it a workout before next week.
  • The COMIS full backup finished, started the COMIS clone job.
  • Labeled the tapes that came back from the vault yesterday.
  • SURPRISE!  One of the storage nodes was removed from service.  Removed its tape drive.  Removed that storage node.  Attached that tape drive to a different storage node.  Defined the new tape drive path.


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