9 January 2014 – Thursday

A vacation day…


  • One of the two HR confirmations from yesterday came back and is somehow an emergency, so I have contacted the supervisor personally to verify the information I need.  Oh bother… never mind.  I’ll just go ahead and assume it is all wonderful.  I am supposed to be on vacation.
  • The other was just not really confirmed, email sent to the supervisor asking the question I need answered.  She answered back and I’ve merged the PeopleSoft data into the existing LDAP entry.
  • Two more Graduate Students becoming employees and they don’t have SSN’s.  I gambled and merged them based on name, birthday, and their major agrees with the department they are working in.  The HR cycle appears to be not as worthwhile this week as it has been in the past.


  • Clones:
    • Tape: Finished yesterday.
    • COM/IS: Finished at 7:19pm yesterday.
    • Disk: Working on 1161.208 GB, 32,583.574 GB left to go.


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