6 January 2014 – Monday


  • One update issue from Friday night – a former student.  Did the dance.
  • code updates for ensuring that order is maintained in the LDAP entries for primary job vs other jobs.  Testing on the development system.


  • bujbod1’s /sparta/aftd0 (stornode2’s NFS mounted AFTD) is at 97% full.  The staging on this disk is so delayed daily by the DBA’s insistence on having a single clone job that ties up that disk’s stage/recover/clone slot for hours at a time.  This is where the restructure in Networker 8 (multiple nsrmmd’s per AFTD) will help.  Monitoring to make sure it gets into safe territory.
  • Cleaning up the tape relabel errors from the last time I moved tapes back to the library from the vaults (yup, just before Christmas Break).
  • Got the NFS mount on stornode4 redone with the test of the 128KB w/rsize for the mounts.
  • Weekly clone run started:
    • Tape clones have 7374.3 GB to process
    • COM/IS clones have 15647.8 GB to process
    • Disk clones have 46027.8 GB to process
  • Calculating the Networker licensing fees.
  • Obtained pricing on Tape Sharing for 3 tape drives – $6,300 first year; $1,260 annual maintenance


  • Meeting about the sync issues being experienced by certain important people.


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