18 December 2013: Wednesday


  • No issues in last night’s update.  Yay!?  Holiday work stoppage seems to be affecting the feeds.


  • The CatCard database backup failed.  Hmmm.  Restarted the backup. It worked just fine the second time.  Oh!  Now, I remember.  There was a network outage (aka upgrade) in Mann Hall this morning!
  • stornode4 is still not able to empty off the spinning disk, even with the larger stage groups.  Well, darn.
  • Preparations for tomorrow’s tape movement work.
    • New list printed.
    • Equipment organized.
  • Checked up on SR 59521968 – The tech wanted to meet at 11:30am today.  Seeing if we can meet earlier, I have lunch plans.  He didn’t get back to me.  He’s done.
  • Two new virtual clients added (blackboard servers)


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