13 December 2013: Friday


  • Update issues from Wednesday night: two former students from SIS.  Did the dance.
  • PeopleSoft has a new product they are using for change control and the question is do we re-use their existing DN that is used for authenticating everyone, or do we create a new DN and give it essentially the same rights…


  • Checking in:
    • aftd on stornode3 is still too heavily used
    • disk clones (needing that same AFTD) are not finished
    • one save group hung itself – save sets claim to be active, but really are not
  • Updated staging.pl config files to put the desired used amount lower to give it more buffer. Ultimately, really really really need to increase the throughput from the gzip-1 ZFS pools through NFS (across the 10GbE link) and out the 4Gb FC connection to tape.
  • Notified that 8.1.03 was released on 12/2 (yeah, sure it was… NOT! – the directory was there, but no contents).  Pulled it.
  • The emptying of athens/aftd0 completed in the middle of the night (I got the page at 12:31 AM to prove it — DOH!  I did it to myself.).  So, just the one last ZFS path to empty off (athens/aftd1) which happens to have 91+ TB stashed away at 1.68x compression using gzip-1.  So, if 7TB took 2.5 days, how long will 91TB take? 😉 (EEEK!)
    • Updated the w/rsize of the NFS mount from 32768 to 1048576 in the hopes of making it read faster.
  • Data Domain upgraded to DDOS


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