27 November 2013: Wednesday


  • Five issues in the update.  Two former students, two singleton matches with non-conformant surnames, and one new employee who can’t find a match.
    • Two former students searched for, not found, added.
    • Two singleton matches were people with the generational suffix in the feed where it didn’t belong, merged them with their existing entries.
    • One new employee is a foreign student without an SSN.  Found and merged.
  • One issue from yesterday – the person confirms the surname we have on record.  Information created and merged.


  • Performance of staging from the NFS systems to tape appears to be degraded from what was originally measured.  Is this due to the issue since October with the ZFS pool, or is this something worse in the Linux NFS client implementation?  As it is a deviation from previously measured normal, I shall endeavor to hope that it is related to the issues with the ZFS pool and it will magically go away after that is fixed in the next week.
  • New client defined (DR only)


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