26 November 2013: Tuesday


  • One issue with last night’s update.  A new employee with an SSN that matches an admitted student from a few years back who never attended.  Sadly, the only matching information we have is the SSN.
    • emailed payroll for details about whether this is the same person or not.
  • New feed of retirees from HR.  Only 36 changes from the one in June though.  So, not much change really (certainly not like the flood that will happen next year).


  • All of the penguin-backup save groups picked on stornode8 to run their stuff.  Which is really not what we want.  So, we’ll break them up into 21 save groups (ugh) one for each of the three parts of the seven gfs file systems.  Hopefully, the DNS RR will kick in at that level – besides making it a management nightmare.
    • And checking later in the day – I discovered that it is wobbling back and forth between the two systems, and the backups finished at 9:34am (INBOX) and 1:23pm (mail folders) – we’ll leave it alone for tonight and Jim’s doing some checking on how the backups are working.
  • All of the rest of the weekend full saves finally completed today as well.  YAY!  Now, I hope the staging to tape kicks it into high gear.



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