25 November 2013: Monday


  • Lots of things went wrong over the weekend.
    • The really really old penguin backups (which is really just penguin3 now) failed with the infamous “penguin3 is not properly defined” error – which is weird except I had to remove penguin5 from that old mess on Friday to allow it to be used for the second penguin-backup node.
      • updated the list of aliases so it is just penguin & penguin3 (since penguin3 is the only old bugger still around).
    • Having removed the disks on stornode8 from active use, the limits on the disk on stornode3 of 32 concurrent sessions slowed down the windows file server backups – so they are still running this morning.  Increased the concurrent limit of stornode3’s aftd from 32 to 48.
  • On the other hand, a fair bit seems to be going right:
    • The revamped penguin-backup definition is working.  It leaves all the save groups that run on penguin5 as manual (ad hoc) level backups.  Perhaps I can finagle a way around that (DNS RR?)
  • stornode8 cleared off.  Tape drives moved to stornode4.
  • Tested one of the old QLogic 4Gb Fibre cards in stornode4.  It works!  YAY.
  • Plan in place and announced for Friday morning maintenance to put the two Nexsans on bujbod1.


  • The only issue from the three nights (Fri, Sat, Sun) updates was on Friday night.
    • A former student – Searched for; not found; added.
  • Discussion with Account Services (Josh) about various account types and processes around them.


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