19 November 2013: Tuesday


  • Two issues in last night’s update.  A former student and a singleton match with a non-matching surname.
    • Searched for, did not find, and added the former student.
    • Email sent to OSP folks about their new entry who is probably a former student.  They checked with the person and confirmed it was the same person.  I merged the information into the existing LDAP entry and created the account.


  • Three save groups failed because two clients migrated into the nefarious issue that EMC cannot fix where they are not properly configured until we remove their aliases and let Networker put them back.  Stupid problem, but something weird buried deep in the databases that EMC cannot figure out how to fix.
    • Cleaned up their aliases and re-ran their backups.
  • Started the weekly clones.
  • Storage node and Data Domain 10GbE interfaces on the iSCSI network configured.  Not set up to do anything, but they’re ready for whatever I decide to do next.
  • Setting up storage node 4 to take over from storage node 8.
  • Replaced failed disk – but ZFS doesn’t like it.  Seems the firmware update in October to the M5120 has caused a major problem.  Not sure how I’m going to fix this.


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