18 November 2013: Monday


  • Oh Man!  No problems with the nightly updates all weekend long.  There’s nothing to “do” right at the start of the day.
  • 2.4.38 was released early this morning.  Time to download and build.
    • downloaded, built, installed on ldap6dev for testing.


  • It’s backup maintenance day!
    • The big part of today is some hardware relocation, DDOS upgrade, and converting the tape library to use persistent (udev) names instead of the traditional paths.
    • And, one of the full saves from the weekend ran all day long – I was able to get a lot done around it, but I have not had a complete maintenance day since September (when I killed off long running backups).
    • At 18:30, finally completed everything except the following:
      • DBAN of stornode7
      • removal of SATABeast #1 from racks
      • Upgrade of DataDomain DDOS version (OUCH: 2 months in a row)


  • Announced the quarterly calendar maintenance routine for Saturday morning.


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