15 November 2013: Friday


  • Today was monthly account purge day.  Which had issues on the first pass because an account was listed in two role files.  That’s not legal, and I’ve sent a message to Account Services to get it cleaned up.  It wasn’t that way last month!  Manually removed the account from the “active” list and let it be in the retirees list for this months re-run – which ran without further error.
  • There was a former student in the feed from Banner on Wednesday night.  Search failed to find a match, added to the ou=Former Students branch.
  • Added six accounts to a VPN group, per FP ISSUE=112 PROJ=116


  • A client was renamed while I was out yesterday.
    • Of course, this was a “-new” system losing the -new extension to its name, and thus now conflicts with the dead client definition that should really be renamed with a -old extension, but Networker doesn’t allow clients to be renamed easily, and I can’t take the service down to rename directories at the OS level every time someone changes a system name.
    • After discussing the issues with the customer, enabled (and updated the stornode node list) the original client definition and disabled the -new client definition.
  • stornode7 finished moving the data off the final aftd while I was out on vacation yesterday.  stornode7 removed from nagios monitors and Networker configuration.
  • The third large fileserver is rebalanced to hopefully back up quickly (ha ha) this weekend.
  • Directed Availability (early adopter, post-beta) release of 8.1sp1 was obtained today.  Started reading the documentation to see what’s new.
    • Tested out PSS.  That didn’t meet expectations.


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