13 November, 2013: Wednesday


  • El-zippo for the number of update failures last night.
  • A Penguin (email server) was rebooted at 4:30am this morning which interrupted the nightly account creation job (based on the previous evening’s LDAP update) which runs at 4am.  After a lengthy argument with the rest of the team, the Account Creation process was changed to run at 3am going forward.  Time to see how many other problems we have created by this time change.


  • That second AFTD finished moving data to the new system last night and the final AFTD was started this morning.
  • More review of the Networker 8.1 documentation and the powerpoint slides that EMC made up from the “networker quick” script that was run to send them tons of data from our environment.  The presentation lists a lot of facts and most of them are useless things that I already knew.  I should go looking at how they generate that data, though.  I might be able to put together a selling point to get the “tape is king” clients to at least consider disk.  Sent off a bunch of new questions to EMC and let Cambridge know the questions I had asked.
  • Hardware Issues: RMA 48529 – the frozen tape drive arrived.  It was allowed to thaw, then installed.
    • Tape Drive replacement procedure updated.


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