12 November 2013: Tuesday


  • No errors in the update.
  • Downloaded and did a test build of the openLDAP 2.4.38 release candidate.
    • No issues on RHEL6 (6.4, Santiago, x86_64), OS/X 10.8.5, OpenIndiana (oi_151a8)
    • Successful testing reported to openLDAP developers.
  • Decommissioned the nightly “db_archive” job because the mdb backend doesn’t use that.


  • The  fileserver backup (the weekend full) completed at 7pm (on Monday), and let the incremental run.
  • stornode7 removed from all clients as a storage node to write to.
  • movement of the data off disk system number two (of  three) on stornode7 continues.  The disk has 2.7TB left on it.  There is 6.8TB on the third (and final) disk system to be moved.
  • Hardware issues:
    • XLS B001T03G (SN: 1310274881) SCD: A (firmware problem) – This is often the first sign that the drive has worn out heads.  It continues to run.  Placed the drive in service mode, took itdt dump.  Sent the dump to Qualstar for analysis.  Qualstar responded that the drive has worn out.  RMA 48529 issued.  The drive has been disabled, pending replacement on Wednesday (barring weather delays in delivery).
  • Telecon with Cambridge Computing about VBA, DDBoost, and CDF.


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