27 September 2013: Friday


  • Non-Paid Faculty:
    • Got the questions answered. Will there be follow-up questions?
  • Update:
    • Hey!  No problems?  Sheesh…
  • Account Rename:
    • Got one that wanted the old netid@uvm.edu to deliver to the new netid@uvm.edu email address.  That takes manual intervention.  Just a couple of seconds, and is not the norm (at least not yet).

NetWorker (Backup):

  • Tape Dance:
    • Labeling the tapes that were retrieved from the vault earlier this week.  An intensely manual process to make sure I don’t accidentally cause a needed tape to be wiped!
  • New Hardware:
    • Posted the conclusion email to the team.  900MB/s across NFS with jumbo frames and r/wsize of 32K using 128KB blocksize writes.   Very acceptable to me – who is used to seeing 200MB/s writes to the NexSan devices with 4Gb fibre connections.
    • Also running the updateXpress ISO to see what if anything needs to be updated on the 7914’s.
      • Oops. Looks like something is wrong with the process that builds those – it hasn’t gotten anything new since July!  Well, Kent’s looking at that.
  • Broken Hardware:
    • Another worn out tape drive is retired – thank goodness for the support contract that covers these things.  The rate at which we wear them out would be cost prohibitive otherwise!


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