26 September 2013: Thursday


  • Hardware Issues:
    • stornode1 crashed and rebooted at 2am.  Saved off the event log (which was at 75%) and then cleared it.  The issue is something hardware.  The first event logged was an unrecoverable BUS error, then at 2:02 – a memory error, followed a 2:03 by a processor or VRM failure – and the system is up and running fine with all processors and memory seemingly intact – and the backups recovered and continued processing!
    • Tape drive 1310239192 – code A (firmware).  Took a dump from the drive and mailed it to Qualstar for examination and suggestions.  I think I’ve worn out another tape drive.
    • My favoritest Nexsan SATABeast in the world (0275404D) reports that yet another 750GB drive is no longer working.  That’s two broken in that system (no more spares).  I still have the cold spare just in case – but I hope to roll it out of production in the next week, so I really do not want to put that cold spare into use.
  • New Hardware:
    • Set up an NFS test with an existing system, but it is not on the jumbo frame network – so performance is sucky and now I have to compare apples and oranges and figure out what it would be… Drat!


  • Update:
    • Two former students and a one-item match with non-matching surname:
      • Two former students added.
      • the one-item match was sent to OSP for confirmation.
        • OSP confirmed it and I created the necessary posixAccount and merged the entry.
  • Why are there…?
    • Chasing the answer for the boss…


  • SELinux:
    • Discussed the reasons for and explored the process of enabling SELinux on RHEL6 systems.
    • Set up on ldap6dev – need to see what if anything would have been clobbered after it runs the daily update code tomorrow morning.


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