25 September 2013: Wednesday


  • Update:
    • One former student and one duplicate employee flagged for the human touch.
      • Former Student, added when no match was found.
      • Notified HR of the apparent duplication of an employee and requested confirmation (I am assuming they will also tell me what they are going to do about it, if they are the same person).
        • HR responds that they have been trying to get this person to give them that information for quite a while and they have now received two different SSN values from said person.  Time will tell what happens.


  • Savegroup issues:

    • The CEMS server is still offline.  But it is getting repaired today, so it should be fine tonight.
  • DataDomain:
    • Reported a failed disk late yesterday, the new one arrived this morning and has been installed.
  • Encryption:
    • The test failed.  Need to do more research and examine what is going on.
    • Oops!  The test worked.  The test of the test is what failed.
    • Nothing to see here… move along, just keep moving…


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