24 September 2013: Tuesday


  • Update:
    • Two former students appeared in the SIS section of the feed.  They were manually added after searching and finding no matches.


  • New Hardware:
    • Using dd to write 30GB of /dev/zero into a ZFS pool on one of the researcher systems shows that the native write speed of both those systems and the one for backups is 1.9 to 2GB/s.
    • The next step is to set up NFS mounts on one of those systems and test that throughput from my linux systems to see if it behaves the same there.  Since, I ask the fellow that maintains them what he is seeing and get told that it has been a while since he tested.  Not so helpful.  But, that is tomorrow’s work.
  • Tape Dance:
    • The joy of the backup administrators life is lugging tapes back and forth between the tape library and the vaults.
    • Trip 1: Vault – 9:30-10:06, Tape Library – 10:20-11:30
    • Trip 2: Vault – 12:00-12:20, Tape Library – 12:40-13:27
    • I had hoped for three trips, but I ran out of time and my back started complaining.
  • Encrytion:
    • The word from EMC is: NO!  Of course not!  NetWorker does not spend the effort to encrypt/decrypt the data on the fly between the save command and the nsrmmd process unless you have committed the cpu resources to encrypt the save set anyway.
    • encryption directive created, assigned to a certain client, datazone pass phrase set to a really really secret phrase (no, I’m not going to put it in here!).  We’ll see how the backups go starting tonight.

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