20 September 2013: Friday


  • Failures:
    • The CEMS system continues to not be able to be backed up, and one of the windows systems reported the B:\ disk (which is really the Windows Server 2008 system recovery partition) as unable to be backed up.  This B:\ disk issue, seems to be a bug in the client version that we have installed on these systems.  I shall request that the administrators upgrade to the latest 8.0sp2.3 to see if that makes it go away.
  • Tapes:
    • Finished relabeling the batch of tapes from the vault after hours last night (I have no life!).
    • Now on to generating the next list.  Oh, how nice, we still have one thousand six hundred fifty-one tapes in the vault that by the new (twenty-five month) rules have expired and need to be returned, relabeled, and reused. At one hundred thirty-six tapes per shelf, that is twelve and one eighth shelves, or eighty-seven percent of one of the media safes!
  • Configuration:
    • Third massive file server save sets rebalanced for growth changes in the past month.
    • Rebalancing the email server backup save sets as well.
  • New Hardware:
    • Install OS on third new storage node
    • NFS performance testing


  • Updates:
    • Two issues reported in last night’s update.  Both of them are former students from Banner, and they were added.  The lack of PeopleSoft issues means that HR did get the PeopleSoft entry for the employee that was missing the Employee Class value repaired and it matched and merged in the update process without human intervention required.

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