18 September 2013: Wednesday


  • Update:

    • Two failures.  One was dropped because the only Job record failed to include the employee class, the second was another foreign national without enough matching data to find one.  Both were referred to HR for resolution.


  • Only the one save group had issues last night, the CEMS one which has the system that is being worked on.
  • There are sixteen (16) tapes in the one hundred fifty-seven (157) full ones that were marked full after less than a gigabyte of data were written to them.  This leads me to suspect that I have another crop of tape drives that are failing.  Will have to keep an eye on those.
  • New Hardware:
    • stornode3 – setting up a “UVM Fullsave” media pool AFTD on the new backup storage.
    • Adding stornode3 to Nagios monitoring
  • Tape dancing:
    • moving full tapes to vaults and expired tapes from the vault to be re-used.


  • Bi-Weekly team meeting
  • Scheduled a phone meeting for tomorrow with a backup system consultant.


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