16 September 2013: Monday


  • Accounts:
    • Dealing with issues from last Thursday and Friday night updates (no issues over the weekend).
    • Two former students – no match found, created new entries
    • HR confirmed the one remaining issue from last week.  That merge was actually performed from my hotel room Friday night.
    • Two graduate students that did not auto match/merge:
      • One is a misspelled last name – ssn, birthday, address and the rest of the name match.
      • One finds a match by name and birthday.  HR confirmed the match was good and the records were merged.
    • Current outstanding matches to find:  0 !!! (YAY!)
  • Monthly Account Purge:
    • Checking on the monthly purge that ran on Sunday – there were two errors.  Both errors were the type that is expected when an account is unlocked and re-locked – the creation of the mail bounce entries failed because they already exist.
    • Stats:
      • Email1 – 227
      • Email2 – 215
      • Email3 – 197
      • Locked – 1,585
      • Purged – 11,852


  • Failures:
    • Three health & well-being clients have stopped talking.  These were turned off as part of the upgrades last week.  They have now been disabled in the backup system as well.
    • CEMS server continues to not be operational.
  • Clones:
    • The clones finally got caught up (at 1:12AM this morning) from the tape library problems going back to June 17!  That was just BARELY inside the three month window before fulls would have been deleted!!!  Too close for any comfort there.
    • Started this new week’s batch of clones.
  • New Hardware:
    • Flipped a large save group to write tonight’s incremental backup to the new hardware.  Fingers crossed that this doesn’t blow up in my face.
    • Setting up the MegaCLI hourly raid check to run on the new system.
    • Got sendmail to work as well.
  • New Client:
    • Working to define a new client to NetWorker.  Request for detail confirmation sent, waiting for response.
  • yum updates:
    • cf-engine sponsored yum update failed because a broken samba rpm has snuck into the stage-1 yum repository.  We don’t run samba on these servers, so the easiest fix was to exclude the samba packages from being updated.

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