14. September 2012: Freitag


  • URI formatting questions answered
  • No privacy flags!  A minor miracle!
  • A few update matching failures that required some digging
  • More work on a sanitize script to obfuscate enough data to make the LDAP database safe to release to the vendor.


  • Do the EMC SR dance – where the heck is (aka NW 8.0 Build 172)?  Oh, not quite released yet.  When will it be released?  Uhm… Maybe by the 18th?
  • Chasing Nexsan to figure out where the two drives they said they were sending me have wound up. Update: Nexsan is having trouble obtaining drives to replace the failed 750GB ones with – and they have seen fit to leave me in the dark about this issue.  That does not make me a happy customer.
  • Update the sharding for nfs3.


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