11. September 2012: Dienstag

Today is the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attack that collapsed the World Trade Towers in New York City and killed over 3000 people.  Let’s have a moment of silence.

Thank you, now on with our daily report…


  • Privacy flags, flags and even more flags
  • HYC wants to work with me to find the source of the MDB error.  Trying to get schedules synchronized to make that work.
  • ldap11 (test replica) exhibited the same failure following Sunday night’s update, so I reverted that one back to the HDB backend yesterday (yeah, I didn’t blog about my work day yesterday, tough!)
  • Discovered that when cc is called with both -O2 and -O0 flags, it seems to like the -O2 better (sigh), edit the Makefile, force -O0, rebuild, retest, it still breaks.  HYC is now working on a patch.
  • Opened ITS#7385 for this issue.


  • sharepoint2 and sharepoint3 failed last night.  They just up and refused to talk with the backup server.  Inquired of the sysadmins if there was a problem.
  • Turned in quotes for 300 LTO4 media yesterday.  Reduced the usual order by half while we consider the possibility of upgrading the drives to LTO5.
  • Still waiting on someone (the lawyers?) to define what has to be vaulted for seven (7) years, so I can adjust the backups and reduce the amount that is going to the vaults – still going to run out of space this year if someone  does not make a decision soon.
  • SR 49973418 – response from EMC support person (level 1 I assume) that is not relevant and confusing.  This should be fun.
  • loaded 40 blank tapes into library and labeled them (tested out new script.  Yay, it worked and didn’t wipe out all the tapes in the library!)


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