8. September 2012: Samstag


  • WAF hit because I got up and left my pager by the bed and then the 6:30 ldap update on the test server (where I’m working out how the mdb backend will perform) blows up and pages her out of bed.  Not a good way to start the weekend.
  • The test system has 8GB of memory and was told it could use 80GB for the mdb (memory data base – in case you’re interested).
  • The system has memory, file system space, and lousy error messages – which claim that an unnamed device is out of memory.
  • Posted most of the details to openldap-technical, we’ll see what that brings.
  • Reconfigured to allow the mdb to create a 7GB data base.  Trying the update again.
  • Still failed at 7GB, so tried 4GB, while the failure is not as dramatic, it still fails at the exact same location.
  • Now reloading using the hdb backend to verify that there isn’t something wonky in the 2.4.32 base code.
  • hdb had no issue, so it is something in mdb.  The OpenLDAP developer believes it is a bug in the code – so more digging later.
  • Of equal concern is that the mdb_stat program was not here, it should have been – that’s a build issue that needs further research.


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