7. September 2012: Freitag


  • Privacy flags – bumper crop today
  • PeopleSoft manual merges of two entries
  • mdb test worked on development primary server, now to test it on the development replica
  • ruhroh!  mini-httpd is not working correctly on RHEL6!  Must fix that.  The pidofproc function is not working on RHEL6 like it does on RHEL5.  The straight pidof binary command works.


  • Adjusted the columns per page to 90 for the Admissions printer.  It is now reported to work!  YAY!


  • The usual mess with some clients dying in the middle of being backed up and the connection not timing out.  Thus I have to manually stop the job
  • Discovered a COMIS based full that had been marked suspect (I think because the cloning process broke on the writing side).  Therefore, I manually marked it not suspect, and am cloning it again this morning before I move the clone tapes.
  • More discussion around how to best backup Virtual clients… EMC’s VADP process or something else (like VEEAM or PHD Virtual).
  • filesystem sharding re-balanced for second unix file server.
  • Further discussion with EMC about the /bin/logger vs /usr/bin/logger notification rules. SIGH.
  • Testing out NW8’s Synthetic Full – how does it work???



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