15. November 2010 — Montag

  • Backup
    1. Not properly configured clients: Again with the aliases that are not quite what NetWorker wants today, but they were fine last week. Huh???
    2. Short tapes: There were another eight tapes written short. However, I’m not going to do anything about them until I get the response from IBM whether the drive failed due to defect or contamination.
    3. Disabled MED93 group for COMIS.
  • LDAP
    1. PASSWD: clean up the static passwd file from AIX that gets merged with the entries in LDAP to generate the list of accounts that will not be allocated. After all, this thing getting out of date was the reason that the update aborted last night.
    2. automated purge needs another perl module from cpan on the new system.
    3. Schema updates: New feed needs a new object class

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