20. April 2010 — Dienstag

Project from H***

  • The New Net::LDAP installed on the production ldap server yesterday caused issues overnight. The update reported a lot of new errors and didn’t update Active Directory very well. I have disabled that code until I can make the time to udpate all the scripts so that they can deal with the Net::LDAP::Entry attributes method being inconsistent with the case of the attribute names returned.
  • Testing continues. Sadly, a full test cycle (because of the immense number of former students being added) is a full four (4) hours! So, it means there is a lot of theoretical code tweaking and then a very long pause to see if it works for the full run. — Where possible, smaller runs are being used, but it’s not always possible because of the data interactions between the different authoritative feeds.
  • Investigating the ppolicy (Thank’s Scott!) overlay and schema to handle expiring accounts and purging the old unused departmental accounts.

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