5. Januar 2010 — Dienstag


  • Nightly errors — handle three Banner Course Assignment errors, one deletion, one addition, and one modification of entries that have never matched with the HR feed
  • NetApp Filer backups — the full from 25. Dezember was trashed because stornode8 crashed that night. It appeared that the backup was not happening, but checking today verifies that the daily incremental is still running
  • Windows 2008 — Need to get sizing of WSB space required from all people that we are backing up Windows 2008 servers for. Then can see if we should augment the Filer storage or if we can get EMC to provide us with a DataDomain device until NetWorker is “ready” to handle the situation.
  • EMC 32669066: Downloaded replacement nsr_render_log (fix NW112809) and confirmed it does actually fix the segmentation fault problem we experienced.
  • Confirmed that the COMIS agent is again able to log into footprints after removing the two entries from the FP_LOGINS table. Also pretty well confirmed my hypothesis of how it happened. Still pushing on Numara to determine if this should have happened.
  • Applied patch 124766 from Numara to replace the FPLogin.pm file as they have seen this same issue on Microsoft SQL installations. This should fix the issue and properly clean up the FPLOGINS table when agents sign out. This is triggered by someone being a customer in one project and an agent in another project.
  • Fix another mail loop between Footprints and Listserv

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