4. Januar 2010 — Montag


3800 email messages in the INBOX after 2 weeks off… yikes!
  • kerberos account for ldap entry with no posixAccount objectclass. Turns out there was a failure to remove the kerberos principal in April 2007. Solution: remove the kerberos principal and update the password expiration code to flag kerberos principal with ldap entry that does not have posixAccount objectclass as an error.
  • Banner Current Term was updated, so flagged all the nagios syncrepl monitors to ignore 2:20am to 3:30am tomorrow (5. Januar 2010).
The FootPrints system account was flagged to have its password expire. Fixed that!
COMIS Agent unable to log in. Two entries in the FP_LOGINS table. That’s illegal! Seems he was logged into the COMIS project and then opened an issue in the PeopleSoft project as a customer — working with Numara to see if that should have resulted in this happening!
Recover calendar ldap entry for Account Services — error in order of deletion for a calendar account. LDAP entry was removed first by mistake.

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