3. Dezember 2009


  1. It has now been over three months that I have not gone a single day without talking with EMC about some problem in NetWorker. This has reached the point where it is a serious drain on my time, energy and well-being. I really need either for EMC to magically fix their code problems and just work or for management here to agree that enough is enough and move on to a new product.
  2. Reindeer’s index corruption: EMC 32304230 — continues to be one day good one day bad. EMC still has no clue why, how to track it down, where to even begin tracking it down.
  3. Windows DR: EMC (several SR’s) — still doesn’t work, still no clues, still blaming everyone except their own developers, still asking for us to do loads of testing because “they can’t reproduce the problems” — oh — and DR doesn’t mean that we can “recover the third party applications to a usable state” — UGH!!!
  4. nsrports change in 7.5: EMC 32333428 — why shouldn’t I report this as a bug, it was not a documented change and the default port range still starts at 7937 instead of (properly) 7939… what does Parviz mean that this is not a support issue???
  1. Four more faculty for the Spring semester that have shown up in BANNER and I can’t find matches for them in the feeds from HR (PeopleSoft). UGH!

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