15. August 2009 — Samstag


OS Maintenance applied and Calendar database maintenance run
  • rebooted gnu – read-only file system error — more fallout from the Day of Disaster!
  • Changed nsrports range on rh4-build. Discovered the real problem in NW7.5 is that some piece of nsrexecd is hard coded to open port 7937 — so if 7937 is in the range of ports nsrexecd is allowed to use some other piece of nsrexecd is 60% likely to get it before the piece that was written incorrectly. — Amazing!!! Tell the client code it can not use port 7937 and it still does use it…. and this pile of sh*t passed quality assurance testing! wow!!!
  • Restart of ‘UVM Fullsave 2’ for above two issues

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