23. Februar 2009 — Montag


  • Maintenance Day
    • SR 26876892: hotfix applied and later removed due to errors being logged about authentications and media emergencies
    • Tape drive 14 moved to a new storage node — jbedit failed to do its job because drive 14 was still associated with the jukebox. Eventually wound up deleting the entire jukebox definition and redefining it. That requires a re-inventory of the jukebox. Inventory with 13 drives doing the work takes 1 hour for every 100 tapes. The jukebox holds 2500 tapes — so if we ever fill it this kind of disaster will take a day to inventory.
    • Also discovered that the old SR 21312956 had come back. Apparently, one or more installs of NetWorker have replaced the lus.conf file and it was again not configured properly for the HBA we have installed and was showing 16*16 jukeboxes because it is just plain stupid!. I applied the old fix again and am now back to just one jukebox.
    • Defined a new AFTD on the new storage node and it is performing very slowly.
  • Privacy flags
  • Emergency manual merging of two accounts discovered to belong to a single person

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