10. November 2008 — Montag


  • Alumni email updates
  • Privacy Flags
  • EMC: 26441724 — Filesystems have to be listed in /etc/fstab to be backed up. Good info… so what does that have to do with NetWorker trying to back up NFS mounts it should not be??? IDIOTS!
  • EMC: 23189374 — Request for update and let them know I had to manually clean two more tape drives this morning
  • Announce 6pm-8pm work on INBOX backup disk array
  • Research XLS documentation to see if it is capable of performing tape drive cleaning (automatically) — manuals seem to indicate it is a manual process (in physical mode). Send note off to support to see if there is an automatic cleaning option in the hardware.
  • Announce Saturday downtime to
    • OS Upgrade
    • DB Maintenance
    • Calendar fixes

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