24. Oktober 2008 — Freitag


  • nsrexecd crashed at 11:32pm last night.
    • EMC SR 26184182 opened at 12:40am.
    • nsrexecd seems to have stayed operational overnight.
    • EMC unwilling to examine core file — want me to move to new release. I’m not moving until they provide LGTsc09318 for something other than 7.3.3. They say there are three known issues with nsrexecd that are fixed in newer versions. Big deal — do they know that these other issues are the same “Hey, I called strlen with a bad pointer and walked off the end of my memory” issue? … they might, after all, calling strlen with a bad pointer seems to be NetWorker’s favorite way to kill itself
  • med28 has a third address — update the DNS and the client definition.

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