16. Juni 2008 — Montag


  • Calendar:
    • two footprints issues — people unable to log into calendar web client due to immediate error message “You have timed out from your previous session. Please sign in again”. Found a note in the Oracle MetaLink Knowledgebase (Note:423501.1) which describes this exact problem after upgrading from v9 to v10. The fix is to update the unison.ini file to increase the itemextinfomaxsize from the default of 1500 to a new necessary size of 5000 (why isn’t this the default in v10???) anyway… once that change is made, the calendar server and web client both need to be stopped and started.
  • Backup:
    • Weekly clones started
    • Cleaned two tape drives
  • LDAP:
    • Clean up nightly update errors from the weekend
    • Alumni processing

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