9. Juni 2007 — Samstag


  • Backup:
    • It’s broke! NMC won’t connect, gstd is running, clients cannot start saves
    • Open 19014920 … Severity 1 (1 hour call back that takes 1 hour 15 minutes)
    • Kill -9 all the savegrp’s, nsrd, and several nsrmmd’s (Ugh!)
    • reboot ozzie…. it hangs…. NFS problem because of ipf being misconfigured to not allow traffic out the private ethernet interface. EMC thinks this is the problem — it’s not.
    • two “nsrim -X’s” , nsrjb -HEv, nsrjb -Iv .. and we’re back in business…. maybe
    • (that’s 4.5 hours of work)
    • Check later… seems to be running…. at least NMC is responding and things look ok

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