22. Januar 2007 — Montag


  • CGI server — undefined machine check error!
    • 888 102 207 0c0
    • Power cycle
    • ERRPT calls out L2Cache0 FRU: 09P5763 P1
  • Blog server — can’t get in to update my blog
    • Something wrong in MT with the server move
    • Affects 10 blogs out of the 387 I tested
  • Moose filesystems moved
    • Update regular (10 minute interval) cronjob that checked filesystems to
      ignore the ones that are no longer there
    • Update the account creation scripts to not attempt to use a filesystem
      that no longer exists
    • Update gnu/elk/gnunew to use the central syslog server instead of moose
    • Move nameserv home directory to consolidate space
  • Check dce group ownership for a customer
  • LDAP: webmail permissions problem
    • Update acl’s to allow new webmail server access
    • Update schema for Banner feed change
    • Roll out OpenLDAP 2.3.33
    • CTE: 1.5 hours
  • WrightLine: chasing side panel problem

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