30. Juni 2006 — Freitag


  • Accounts: link /rack* filesystems that do not physically exist on the “master” fileserver so the automated jobs to reactivate accounts will run
  • Schedule a 10pm-1am maintenance window for the calendar server which has once again tossed a DB-VISTA 10 error and needs a unidbfix run to clean up the crap
    • Opened Oracle SR 5564690.992 to deal with this — per request of Jean-Marc of Oracle
  • Manually remove an account to finish what the registrar’s office started when they discovered two entries for the same student — both of which had been sent to LDAP and both had accounts generated — neither account has been used, so I purged the same one that the Registrar’s office did.
  • Debug why the president is not in the staff and faculty mailing list…
    • the listserv feed script needs to be reworked to deal with reality because the assumption that the primary job would be the first job returned is not true.
    • code re-worked
    • test file provided to John for … well…. testing

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