28. Juni 2006 — Mittwoch


  • LDAP
    • Lots of reject files — not all with ok failures…
    • differences in the db from the primary to the replica’s
    • slurpd.replog got truncated and slurpd wouldn’t run
    • manually fixed the slurpd.replog file
    • let slurpd process remaining changes
    • shutdown ldap on primary and compared slapcats from primary and replicas
    • determined same 26 changes applied to all replicas would get them back in sync
    • applied the changes to all the replicas
    • started ldap on primary
  • LDAP Update: a non-authoritative entry from PeopleSoft
    • This time the problem is a difference of opinion with other SOR’s about the NID value
    • Contacted the Registrar and Payroll about the difference and asked them to confirm which was correct

Professional Development

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