17. April 2006 — Montag


  1. RHEL4U3 applied to ldap replica – Complete!
  2. HRS feed removed from LDAP – Complete!
  3. Oracle Calendar 10 server install plan
  4. Activate UVM Cell Phone and start learning – Complete!


  • reading email — verify ldap ran ok over the weekend
  • rolling recycle of ldap servers to allow peoplesoft schema pull
  • Wiki updated to give procedure for doing an ldap recycle on a replica server
  • Brief meeting with HR about work addresses in PeopleSoft… more information needed
  • HRS feed data removed from LDAP
  • Parking/Transportation LDAP report updated and placed into production
  • CATalyst consultant set up in LDAP
  • New Provost set up in Calendar LDAP
  • /rack space problem — five (5) ugrads moved to get space
  • Add sendmail aliases for AD folks
  • Add system to BB monitoring for AD
  • Oracle Collaboration Suite 10.1.2 downloaded and burned to DVD/CD
  • Cell phone activated…
  • /etc/group updates on giraffe for AIS
  • RHEL4U3 applied to fishercat… and it rebooted!
  • New ldap replicat rhel4 image pulled
  • /rack space problems on 1a and 1b

On Call

  • Chipmunk cpu: concam making a movie

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