22. Februar 2006 — Mittwoch


  • Oracle SR 5170268.992 updated by Oracle to say that the CAPI_STAT_API_POOL_NOTINITIALIZED error is a known issue and it is fixed in — So, how does one get
  • Annouce to the team that the ldap wiki pages were updated yesterday
  • Copy some mail folders between accounts for members of the CATalyst team
  • Upgrade Openldap on the CATalyst test ldap server (and repair a busted database too)
  • LDAP — updating the wrong entry problem caused because SIS added the SSN to an entry (created in August 2005) that matched an employee record (from 2003). Fixed by adding the SIS info into the HRS entry and deleting the duplicated ID (which had never been used for email, web, or file space)
  • SendPage — locked up again… appears (from talking with Contact) that it is a local modem issue.
    • Power cycling the local modem cleared the hang…
    • Investigating….
    • Aha! The Courier E.everything does not support the L command to set the modem volume!
      Having removed that command from the various init strings, testing appears to indicate the problem is resolved!
    • Aha! It’s still broke….
    • Well… the Sportster defaulted to X4 and the Courier defaults to X7… perhaps adding X4 to the modeminit string will fix it…
    • Nope…put the Sportster back in…
    • Nope…that locked up too… same symptoms…
    • Call Contact again… oh, they’re seeing something strange with ONE of the modems in the bank…
    • They’ll look at their modem and get back to me….
  • BB – bb-ldap.sh was bastardized in 2003 to not time out and kill off the ldapsearch… I was stupid back then. It has been repaired now, so if yesterday’s problem happens again, we will get paged about it!
  • Conversation with ServerTech salesman… nice product… expensive [sigh]

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