21. Februar 2006 — Dienstag


  • Renew SSL certificate for Primary LDAP server
  • Answer Oracle questions about why “Require TLS” should be an option
  • scripts.uvm.edu calendar (CAPI) interface broken… wtf didn’t we break when we moved scripts?
    • Rebuilt the missing Perl-CAPI connector (per Wes’ instructions)
    • Wes later checked things out and they “magically” started working — neither of us is sure what really fixed it.
    • Bah! It’s not fixed… intermittent problem of unknown derivation
    • Opened SR 5170268.992 with Oracle on this issue.
    • The Oracle supplied “calendar.c” demo program fails with the same error
    • Oracle doesn’t support the Calendar SDK with the normal methods… FORUMs only…
    • Posted to the “Calendar SDK Forum” on the Oracle Technology Network site…
  • OpenLDAP slapd mechanisms… mech_list in the slapd sasl file!
  • Meeting about CE/Extension non-credit courses in WebCT and how to manage the netid’s

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