17. Februar 2006 — Freitag


  • LDAP: upgrade ldap.uvm.edu to OpenLDAP 2.3.19 — again
  • Rescind the request for power in Waterman machine room until we straighten out which PDU’s we will be using.
  • Create samba account/disk service for employee per request from AIS
  • Preplace the Solaris maintenance files on the WebCT server for Monday’s upgrade
  • investigate ssh failures from new machine… oh… .ssh2 directories from ssh.com and openssh installed on the new machine… hmmm….
  • Another problem with MAC Labs authenticating with the new version of OpenLDAP… turns out I mistyped a keyword in one of the configuration files so one of the three machines was still offering people SASL mechanisms that were not implemented. Fixed now
  • Full filesystems… It’s definitely Friday!

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