16. Februar 2006 — Donnerstag


  • Announce ldap.uvm.edu upgrade to 2.3.19
  • Handle a “Student Employee” error in the nightly LDAP update — Banner did not feed the NID of a student who is now a temporary employee and the NID is the ONLY identifier HR had to send.
  • Open ORACLE SR 5156603.992 to address inability to REQUIRE TLS support with imap and smtp servers in the outlook connector product
  • Move the scripts.uvm.edu name to the new server making it possible to remove power from the old server
  • Install the Oracle Calendar clients for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh on the software download page as the latest ones.
  • Power requests for Waterman machine room
  • TSG Team Meeting
  • Perseus problems because of .htaccess files… Assist Scott in decision on how to fix

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